Questions About the Heating System

I saw your liquid heater for your ev. I was wondering if it turned out ok and where did you find all the parts necessary to build the heater and at what cost?

I am starting my ev and purchasing the parts here and there, but could not find the heater parts.



The liquid heater in the car was basically a bust. I used a 500W heating element and it was pretty much useless – I may have had some better results with a 1500W unit. On warm days, there would be some warm air coming out of the vents, but it was only barley noticeable. Others have had success with a similar setup but I did not. In the end it’s quite alright for myself as I don’t run the car in the winter anyways (gets far too cold here in Maine).

The parts are all off the shelf type stuff. The heater I used was a 120v block preheater – you can get these anywhere online and you can even pick them up at Tractor Supply. The pump you can again find online or at any marine supply store.

If you’re serious about running the vehicle in cold weather, I would suggest looking at a more commercial solution. There are some propane fired heaters that I have heard great things about. I know it goes a bit against the ideals of an electric car, but when you’re cold you want heat.

Thanks for taking a look at the site. Best of luck on your project.

ZeroGasoline Administrator