Battery Charger Blues

First I have to say happy birthday to my son Eddie. We love you very much and we always will. Not a day goes by that we don’t all think of you.

I showed up to the shop early in the morning to get the expert opinions of some of the guys. I described what was happening and brought the charger in the shop. They have an old battery lying around that they use for this sort of thing, so I put my charger on the 12 volt setting and tried to charge this dead battery. I selected the 10 amp setting and the gauge on the charger was only reading about 1 amp. That is the problem and the reason that my pack wouldn’t charge. The charger should be putting through about 10 amps, but it was barely putting 1 amp in the pack. At that rate it would take about 4 days to charge the pack to full. That is not good. Doug thought it was a problem with the switch itself. If that’s the case it should be an easy fix.

I contacted Allen Grover from Wilderness EV to question getting the charger replaced or fixed. I’m sure I’ll hear back soon.

I have been planning on taking the car to my work so everyone there could take a look. The dead charger doesn’t make that any easier. So I used a couple of the shops quick chargers to put some juice back into the batteries. It took a few trips to the shop, but I have them nearly fully charged. It should be plenty to get me over to work Tuesday for a quick car show.