Clutch Plate is Off to Utah

This morning I stopped by our small post office and mailed out the clutch plate so the shaft coupler can be made. It cost $11.50 to get the plate from Maine to Utah – I haven’t decided if that’s expensive yet.

As part of the package that I bought from Wilderness EV, they will be creating the shaft coupler for me. When it’s all put together the car will be clutchless. The shaft coupler connects the shaft on the electric motor to the transmission shaft. Very appropriate name they gave that little piece.

I plan on getting over to the shop next weekend to get some more work done. My plan is to get the engine compartment cleaned, get the dash torn apart, and I’d also like to get the new heater together and into the car. If I’ve got the time the gas tank will be dropped too. The fuel tank is really the last gasoline part on the vehicle so I’d really like to get that out of there. That’ll be a big step.