First Dismantling Day

Left for the shop first thing in the morning. Armed with nothing but a small ratchet set and some screwdrivers I was determined to make some headway.

I spend about 3.5 hours in total taking things off the vehicle. Would’ve been about 2 but it is incredibly difficult to remove the exhaust system from a ’94 Tercel without the proper tools.

Other than the exhaust it went pretty smoothly – aside from some banged up knuckles. Check out the pictures page for some pics of the days fun. I learned a lot that day. Gravel is extremely uncomfortable. It is best to drain the antifreeze before removing the radiator. Hacksaws are great.

The car is in pretty good shape to move ahead and remove the engine (I think). I removed everything I could positively identify from the engine compartment. Hopefully I can get the car IN the shop next weekend and get the engine lifted out.