Key, Motor Mount, Motor Clamp …

Let me start off by saying the old man is doing just fine. The Dr’s gave him a clean bill of health and he’s good to go.

First thing this week I went to a local machine shop to get a key made that will allow the motor and the coupler to spin as one. It’s just a small piece of metal that slides down the grooves of the two to connect them together. I stopped out first thing in the morning to drop off the motor and coupler so they could make it. He actually had a box of keys in the shop and cut one for me right there. I thought it would have taken a couple of days but it only took a few minutes.

Tuesday I was up first thing in the morning to meet Doug at the shop to do the welding for the motor mount. The design is pretty simple. We used the existing motor mount on one side of the engine bay, and welded a piece of steel to the other. We then took a piece of 2″ channel iron and bolted it to the existing mount, and welded a bracket to the other end so it could bolt into the car. I may not be explaining this clearly so it would probably be best to check out the pictures. This piece of channel iron stretches from one side of the engine bay to the other, directly over the motor and transmission. The plan is to weld another bracket to the channel iron that will then bolt to the transmission, and another that will bolt onto the motor.

Tuesday night I went to pick up the motor clamp. It’s actually a pipe clamp of some sort but it will do here just fine. It’s about 1″ thick and fits nice and snug around the motor. This clamp is needed so that we can bolt something to the clamp, and weld it to the channel iron above it. Between the motor clamp, and the bracket on the transmission, the whole setup should have plenty of support.