Open ReVolt

This will be a quick entry to offer mention to the Open ReVolt project.

This is a project started by a man named Paul. He wanted to build an open source EV Controller that would be inexpensive and versatile. He started a thread on EcoModder and it grew like wildfire. It didn’t take long before people from all over the country/world were coming together and offering their expertise, their time, or other resources to bring the project together. It was and still is an amazing effort that came together from the work of an entire community.

I stumbled across the thread one day and spent the next 3 days reading through all the posts. That was a few revisions ago and things have continued to progress at a fast pace. It is this type of innovation that is going to move EV’s forward.

The controller that has been created it truly remarkable. Check out their site to get all of the specifications. If Paul and/or Sabrina come across this page – THANK YOU!

I hope to be placing my order for one in the very near future. Due to the work that everyone has done on the Open ReVolt project, I will be able to upgrade my EV and put it back on the road rather than parting it out and selling it. I can’t thank you all enough.