Today, I Met Art

Today was Norridgewock’s annual Frog Days (they call it Oosoola days now). I can remember going to this since I was a little kid. The day starts out with a parade, then moves to the town park for a bunch of games for the kids. It’s a nice little free carnival that concludes with a series of frog races. (If you’re wondering how we did, we didn’t race. The little one was tired so we left before the races began. Her pet frog Spike would’ve done great though!)

A couple of months ago I read about Art Haines’ SunnEV and today I got to see it. First in the parade, then later up close and personal. This is an electric vehicle he built from scratch and he now sells the kit online so anyone can make one. It’s a great little car and actually moves along pretty good. It was good to see a working EV and it was even more fun to actually drive one. The Tercel will be quite different when it’s finished, but the spirit is the same.

Art definitely knows his stuff, and and gave me a few ideas for my project – mainly a “fuel gauge” for my battery pack. I had looked at many expensive solutions but Art has a $25 solution that seems to work quite well. I will post more on this when I get there.