Back on Track …

Last night the old man and I went over to the shop to put in the new CV shaft. It actually went pretty quick, it only took us about an hour. I won’t go into great detail about replacing the CV shaft – if you would like to know more visit Google.

The new CV shaft looks very out of place in the engine compartment. It’s nice and shiny silver where everything else is dull and rusty. Nonetheless that puts us back on track.

This morning (09/26) I got over to the shop at 6am and met with Doug to get the motor mount finished – we don’t need any more of these little disasters!

All I can say is Doug is a very talented welder. He marked and cut each piece perfectly and when it came together it looked like it had always been there.

Basically, he welded a plate off of the motor support beam that goes down and attaches to the bolts on the transmission. This is the main support for the transmission and motor. It’s rock solid. There is also another small chain that bolts to the motor support beam and attaches to the clamp on the motor. This doesn’t actually support anything, it’s there as more of a safety feature – a “just in case” chain. If the bracket on the transmission were to fail, this would at least prevent the motor from dropping to the road, and would hopefully allow me to get the vehicle somewhere to be fixed.

I don’t have any pictures of the new mount and CV shaft yet. I’ll take some when I get in the shop tomorrow. This weekend I will be able to do an actual full voltage test. I can’t wait!