Body Work

Yesterday was the day I set aside to get all of the body work done. First things first I had to get the rear passenger wheel unstuck. The rotors in the back had rusted together and the wheel wouldn’t budge. It took half a can of WD-40, a sledgehammer, and a lot of cursing but I eventually got it loose.

I managed to get the wheel wells fixed which took the better part of my day. I wanted to get up under there and get the rocker panels taken car of also, but decided to call it a day after I primed the wheel wells. I have definitely committed myself into repainting the whole car now.

One thing I do want to say: If anyone out there reading this does body work for a living, you my friend are a true artist.

I have done body work before and have worked with the good ol’ Bondo, but with the other cars I’ve owned I haven’t much cared how it looked just that it would pass inspection. This car on the other hand I do want to look half decent to I took my time in applying the body filler and took a lot of time sanding and trying to make it unnoticeable. This is difficult work. I am happy with the result although I’m definitely not ready to jump into the auto body business.

As always, there are a few new pictures and a video (I’m a little out of breath from pushing the car out of the shop).

For anyone keeping up with the project I will hopefully have some electric parts soon so we can get to the fun stuff.