The Charger Has Arrived!

I received the charger in the mail yesterday. I was kind of hoping for the adapter plate so I could get it off to the machine shop. The charger is heavier than I thought. The shipping weight was 33 lbs and that feels pretty accurate. I didn’t realize that it was going to be this big so I’m not really sure where it’ll go in the car. I want to make sure it’s on board somewhere so I can charge the vehicle whenever I come across some power. I was thinking somewhere under the hood. This way there is plenty of ventilation so there won’t be a chance of the charger malfunctioning and igniting a bunch of hydrogen. I don’t know as though there will be room under the hood but we’ll see as things move along.

The charger has a few different voltage settings between 12 and 72 volts. There are two amp settings 5 and 10. It’s designed to get it’s power from a standard 110 volt US outlet.

I have also been in contact with Jerry from and Bill from Both have agreed to link over to the site. This is pretty big news for me! I have gotten all of my information, as well as most of my courage, from reading through other conversion sites. I really want to be able to give back some of what I have taken, and getting this site linked to by the community is a great start.